Do you want to present with impact and win that pitch? Then this short course is the right one for you. You will learn the skills and techniques to help you deliver effective and impactful presentations from people who have years of experience in delivering and winning pitches.

Download the Make an Impact Masterclass overview here and learn why this is the right course for you.

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“We found this a great way to show our commitment to staff, bring staff together and help them learn a new and vital skill needed for any business. This will definitely give our organisation an advantage with our new and existing clients and we will definitely be looking to roll this training out across the organisation” Megan Forbes, Senior Manager, Montagu Evans

“Engaging different audiences is a daily task of our team and the clients we support.  Having TFA Ltd come in a deliver a number of the ‘making an impact’ sessions was great.  It allowed us all to focus more on what the customer wanted and align our content to make sure we engaged them better.  Great course definitely recommended!” Hannah Thompson, Shaw Trust

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